Emergency Election Sprint, London. 24th Oct.

Work in the UK in advertising, marketing, youth-focused brands, PR, music, entertainment, art and culture? Your country needs you! Scratch that, your planet needs you!

A General Election is (probably) coming very soon. The evolving political situation means that we’re (probably) about to head to the polls with very little notice. A lot will be at stake, especially when it comes to the climate. Yet millions of young people who will be most affected by climate change aren’t registered to vote. There’ll only be a few weeks to register new voters after an election is announced.

We want to harness the growing concern in the creative industries about climate change to use open-sourced creativity to get two million people in the UK to register to vote. This means organising now and creating now so that we’re ready once an election is announced. This week we’re holding an Emergency Election Sprint in London. Come and join us on the eve of 24th Oct.

2019 has seen the creative industries roll up their sleeves when it comes to climate. The advertising industry got behind the Youth Climate Strikes with Friday For the Future Love and Create&Strike, Culture Declares is mobilising artists and cultural organisations across the nation, Music Declares Emergency has seen almost 600 industry organisations declare.

A small group of us have come together to see if we can use this momentum to help make sure young people have a voice on climate in this election. Join us! The model will be similar to the SHEvotes campaign which some of us ran during the last election. We want to support a wave of open-sourced content that will feature a huge diversity of voices reaching a huge diversity of potential-voters. We’ll be sharing an open-brief that will enable anyone to help.

We need skills, talent, companies, networks and platforms who are willing to gift some of their time and expertise to create, spread, influence and shout loudly for the young to register to vote.


  • You work with platforms/ influencers and brands and can help engage critical audiences on and offline
  • You create things: we need you to dream up and execute ways of rapidly motivating young people to register to vote with a climate focussed call.

You might be an agency, studio/label/ media owner, a team within an organisation, or a crew of freelancers or artists. We’re seeking partners that will take ownership of strategies, tactics and activations and make them happen with support from us.

In these crazy uncertain politics that we’re living through, it’s hard to how to make a difference. This is our best guess as to what’s needed right now. Come and roll your sleeves up with us on the 24th 💪💪💪

And if you can’t make it, but would like to know when the open brief goes live email: climateregistered@thecommslab.com



Narrative. Systems. Culture. Co-founder The Long Time Project, The Comms Lab, The Point People.

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Ella Saltmarshe

Ella Saltmarshe

Narrative. Systems. Culture. Co-founder The Long Time Project, The Comms Lab, The Point People.